Readings with a Robot

An international specialist who has been assisting a team of researchers at Heriot-Watt with a project into how humans react with robots, is celebrating the end of the project with a poetry reading at the Fringe to show that art and science can mix.

Sarah joined the Heriot-Watt team to undertake a six week experiment, the first of its kind, into how humans would interact with a robot in a working environment. Earlier research shows that while people can find robots useful and attractive working companions, they can also trigger annoyance and even violence.

The Poetic Robot

The results of the project are being analysed in detail, but lessons were learned about the importance of making robot intentions obvious to people around them. Sarah has an expressive head that allows her to show emotions with this in mind. Professor Ruth Aylett, Professor of Computing Science

A video showing Sarah interacting with humans in Heriot-Watt’s School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences can be viewed here

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