Company-led Engineering Design Projects

Please view the full length video on company-led engineering design projects which provide companies with a great
opportunity for expert academic input into their R&D activities.

The process: The project will be carried-out over a 12 week period from September to December. Students will each spend 150 hours on the project and will be working in teams of four. Each team will have an academic supervisor assigned and the company plays the role of the client.

The Stages: The project could cover the stages of an engineering design assignment, including: market research, brainstorming, concept generation and selection, simulations and calculations, design for manufacture, costing, sustainability, prototyping, assessment and materials testing.

Participating companies are asked to provide guidance to our students to ensure a successful project outcome.

Taking part in this initiative has no cost to companies, only consumables or raw materials will be charged, if these
are required for the design, prototyping or testing during the project. Any support given by academic staff andn expert technicians during the project is at no cost.

3 Responses to Company-led Engineering Design Projects

  1. This is an excellent opportunity for students and employers and their employees alike. I just wish that programs like this were run throughout the design industry.

    • Harry says:

      Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment. We find that this project is consistently complimented on how it benefits the student, but also allows the employees to undertake innovative research they normally wouldn’t be able to achieve. Perhaps it will become a template for future learning throughout the design industry?

  2. I am fully with Andrea on this. Enjoyed the post and the video too great stuff thanks Harry!

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