Industry Day Speaker – Dr Guy Walker

Dr Guy Walker, Lecturer in the School of the Built Environment, will discuss ‘Roadworks ahead: How human factors are being used to design faster, safer traffic management” at the Industry Day, 2013.

Dr Guy Walker

Dr Guy Walker is a lecturer in Infrastructure and Transports in Heriot Watt’s School of the Built Environment. He specialises in transportation engineering on the undergraduate Civil Engineering courses, and Human Factors Engineering on the Safety & Risk post-graduate programmes.

Starting out as a Research Fellow, Dr Walker has worked with Brunel University, where he and his colleagues were awarded the Ergonomics Society’s President’s Medal  for the impact and practical application of their human factors research. From there he became a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton before joining Heriot Watt in 2009.

Dr Walker is also the author/co-author of a number of highly regarded publications, including over 70 journal articles and 10 books, including a major text on Human Factor methods. His current areas of research include:-

  • Human Factors Methods – Referring to the role of humans in systems, in areas such as transportation, the energy sector and the built environment.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems – Using Human Factors research to resolve problems resistant to conventional Technological  interventions.
  • Extending Human Factors – Improving the current ‘state of the art’ in response to the challenges of the information age, using sociotechnical systems theory and complexity science in order to understand modern Human Factors problems.

Dr Walker is also member of the Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering & Mathematics, a consortium ‘dedicated to world-class research, innovation and education in engineering and mathematical science’.

Dr Walker will be speaking during Parallel Session 4 – ‘Networks & Infrastructure’

To book your place at Industry Day 2013, please click here.

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