Industry Day Speaker – John Morgan

John Morgan, Technical Director of Water Solutions at Barr + Wray Ltd, will discuss ‘Treatment of Scottish Water for Private Communities’ at the Industry Day 2013.


John Morgan is a qualified Environmental Engineer with more than 25 years’ experience in design and application of water and wastewater treatment.

Following graduation as a biochemist, he was employed as a Research Associate at the Universities of Birmingham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he studied the application of anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater.

John has worked for various specialised contractors including Yorkshire Water PLC, Biosystems International, The Brackett Group, Biothane NV, Biotim BV and Esmil Ltd. and joined Barr + Wray Ltd in 1998.

His post at Barr + Wray includes design, installation and operation of water treatment systems for a wide range of applications.He has gained considerable experience in all aspects of treatment design and successfully installed more than 100 systems throughout Scotland (and England). The combination of practical experience and in-depth process knowledge makes John an ideal candidate to contribute to the Hydro Nation debate.

Mr Morgan will be speaking during Parallel Session 1 – ‘Meeting the Hydro-Nation Challenge’.

To book your place at Industry Day 2013, please click here.

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