Professor David Lane, SeeByte & The Pandora Project

Professor David Lane (Director, Ocean Systems Lab, Heriot-Watt University) founded SeeByte Ltd. with the aim of “Providing intelligent systems for manufacturers and operators of robotic vehicles”.

The company spun-out from Heriot-Watt in 2001 and went on to achieve a position of leadership in the development of smart software. In early October, SeeByte was bought by US producer of autonomous underwater vehicles, Bluefin Robotics. This  will enhance Bluefin’s offering in relation to a suite of products for remotely-operated and unmanned surface and underwater vehicles.

The Pandora Project

Recently David secured a three year EU project involving Heriot-Watt and four other partner universities from around Europe (Kings College London, The Italian Institute of Technology, The University of Girona and The National Technical University of Athens) as well as an advisory group from the oil and gas industry. The aim of the project was to develop next-generation autonomous vehicle technology for subsea inspection and maintenance. Specifically, robots better equipped to recognise failure and deal with unexpected situations in their’ environment.

You can learn more about the project from the video below.

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