Commercialising research – our recent “How To” guide for international academics

For a Knowledge Transfer blog, whilst it’s good to understand what knowledge Heriot-Watt has, it’s probably also a good idea to understand how we transfer it.

It can take many forms, which will be discussed as the blog develops, but the easiest and most obvious way is simply talking – and we have many staff members who are good at that!

For the second successive year, RES has played host a group of Academics and Researchers from the Czech Republic.  In June, two groups of academics and researchers from Charles University in Prague and Biologicke Centrum AV in Ceske arrived at Heriot-Watt for a development programme focused on ‘Best Practice in Research Commercialisation’.  The visitors came from a variety of academic fields that included Medicine, Biological Sciences and Engineering.

The content of lessons brought to the Czech team plenty of inspiration and helps us to create new ideas which we want to realize soon as possible.” Jiri M. Fuchs, Director of Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Charles University in Prague.

The programme was developed in 2011 when Robert Goodfellow (Technology Transfer Manager, RES) beat fierce competition from other institutions, including the Universities of Cambridge and Warwick, to win tenders for a two year contract with the ‘Study Stays Abroad’ Programme.

The development programme was made up of case studies presented by Heriot Watt staff, including Dr Olga Kozlova and Robert himself, talks from spinouts and start-up companies and selected external partners including Interface – The Knowledge Connection for Business, Bio-Consultant – Dr Patrick McCarthy (CPG Ltd) and Entrepreneur, Shahida Imani, of Imani Financial Solutions.

This study visit has been very informative and beneficial for all the participants and very likely has opened a longer-term about how to set up the structures to support technology transfer processes at several research and academic institutions in the Czech Republic.” Hana Kosova, Project Manager at Innovation Leadership Agency, Prague.

Guests were also encouraged to soak up the culture and sights of Edinburgh, and meet Heriot-Watt staff members in a relaxed and informal way.


More information on Heriot-Watt’s technology licensing can be found here.

Technology Transfer in Scotland

Heriot-Watt’s Technology Transfer Manager, Robert Goodfellow, works to take the research of the university and apply it to solutions in the real world. We work with to offer access to more than 200 current technologies for a variety of applications.

Robert was interviewd for an article in Europhotonics, and was published today – you can read it this link: Tech Transfer Keeps Light Moving.

There are many unique and innovative technologies in existence that are only waiting to be commercialised. Sometimes, companies will come looking for research into building a new product, only to realise that the science has already been done, and somebody, somewhere, has already invented their idea. they are just waiting for a company to need it. This can save businesses millions of pounds in research and development.

We have also been mentioned in the Scotland on Sunday as we are at the forefront of Easy Access IP – that is, offering the licensing of new technology to industry for free. Read more about it here.

If you want to know more, get in touch with Robert. The technology you need may already exist.

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